Fundamental HCM Principles in the Economy and Society

  1. Sustainable Quality Education, Human Capital and Knowledge Management are essential in sustainable economies and inclusive knowledge societies
  1. Education is lagging far behind in quality standards to meet the demands of the workforce causing significant obstacles to attain Integral Sustainable Development (balanced Economic, Social, Technical, EnvironmentalESTE DEV).
  1. The Measure of our Ignorance. Economist E. Denison’s warned in the 1950’s that GDP measures growth and accumulation of goods, but it is no by any means a measure of people’s wellbeing in societies worldwide. Picketty is right criticizing GDP outcome of income distribution. But he is wrong because he ignores the shortcomings of the instrument he used to conduct longitudinal study that Denison identifies ½ century ago.
  1. HCM is the missing link to integrate education, organizations, the economy and society to attain growth and

To foster economic growth and social development – if societies really intend to conquer the challenge of inclusiveness and inequality – then education must focus in the attainment of sustainable quality standards and the development of learners’ talent that match the demands of the labor force and the wellbeing of society.

Lepeley Human Centered Management Model for Education, Organizations, a sustainable Economy and an inclusive Knowledge Society