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Greenleaf Publishing 

Book Series

Human Centered Management

Meeting Global Demand to build Sustainable Economies and Inclusive Societies

Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Principal Editor Roland Bardy, Associate Editor

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The 2016 meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF) launched the idea that humankind is starting a fourth industrial revolution. This revolution has technology at its heart and it will deeply disrupt the way we live, learn, work, communicate and organize. Its scale, scope, and complexity will be unlike anything humankind has ever experienced. Previous stages of industrialization have brought considerable benefits to society but also significant costs: there is increasing evidence that the focus on machines, structures, hierarchy, procedures and plans overlooked the wellbeing of human beings. The main challenge we face in this fourth revolution is how we can make sure that the new technologies provides solutions centered on the wellbeing of humanity and avoid the shortcomings of the industrial past.

The Human Centered Management book series aims to stimulate the discussion and the discovery of effective approaches and solutions and innovation with increasing potential to improve the wellbeing of people. In short, this new revolution will place technology at the service of people, not the other way around. It is not technology that is propelling the changes, it is human talent. New strategies to develop talent will be critical and, understanding the pivotal role of education, multidisciplinary approaches from scholars and practitioners from around the world will be required to articulate solutions.

New constructs are needed to position management at the forefront of the transformation to foster the human centered paradigm shift. This book series will capture this new thinking.

Contribution guidelines are available on this site. They can also be obtained from the publisher by contacting:



Human Centered Management: The 5 Pillars of Organizational Quality and Global Sustainability
Maria-Teresa Lepeley
Greenleaf Publishing. UK


Human Centered Management in Executive Education. Global Imperatives, Innovation and New Directions.
Maria-Teresa Lepeley, Ernst von Kimakowitz, Roland Bardy editors.
Palgrave Macmillan. UK


Management and Quality in Education. A Model for Evaluation.
(Gestión y Calidad en Educación. Un Modelo de Evaluación).
Maria-Teresa Lepeley