Global Institute for Quality Education GIQE is an efficiency innovation think-tank founded in 2003 to provide solutions for educators and educational institutions to bridge the quality revolution gap that was causing major disruptions in organizations anchored in outdated industrial structures and needing an improvement strategy to meet the emerging demands of students and organizations in a then incipient Knowledge Society.

A decade later GIQE concern is education lagging behind the demands of labor markets, the economy and society obstructed by educational institutions failing to train students to face the challenges of the times and constituencies frustrated with inadequate use of educational resources. Endemic high rates of unemployment confirm major disruptions in labor markets struggling to find the human capital necessary to meet the demands of organizations in sectors in nations irrevocably inserted in the global economy and the Knowledge Society.

Education was overlooked in initial stages of the Quality Revolution. The gap must be solved because education with 21st century quality standards has a most significant impact on people's well-being, economic growth, and social development.
Organization of all kinds must be problem solvers for people and society. Constructive Leadership®, Disruption Resilience®, Human Capital, and Knowledge Management are the essence of Human Centered Management.
Education, organizations, the economy and society do not operate in a vacuum. Any analysis that overlooks this binding interdependence is obstructing solutions for people, the economy and society.
Innovation in management centered on people will refine the interdependence between education, organizations of all kinds, the global economy to attain an inclusive global Knowledge Society.